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Poison The Well "Versions"

Poison The Well's new album, "Versions," is about to turn the heavy music landscape upside down. Like the band, the "kids" wouldn't have it any other way. The album is imbibed with grooving swampiness and esoteric contemplation, all anchored by the brutal stomp that has been imitated by many in the years since PTW first emerged, but never duplicated.

Track Listing:

1. Letter Thing
2. Breathing's For The Birds
3. Nagaina
4. The Notches That Create Your Headboard
5. Pleading Post
6. Slow Good Morning
7. Prematurito El Baby
8. Composer Meet Corpse
9. You Will Not Be Welcomed
10. Naive Monarch
11. Riverside
12. The First Day Of My Second Life