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No/Mas "Consume/Deny/Repent"


No/Mas dispenses a face-ripping combination of grindcore, metal, death, and thrash that would cut deep a decade ago or a decade from now. The Washington, DC, group - Roger Rivadeneira (vocals), John Letzkus (guitar), Patrick Merson (bass), and Henry Everitt (drums, vocals) - engage an uncompromising sensory assault, barreling forward like a runaway freight train only bolted to the rails by deft riffing, explosive drumming, and vocal brutality. Produced and engineered by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio and featuring the artwork of Ethan McCarthy (Hell Simulation).

Track Listing:

1. Manipulate-Consume
2. Sin Verguenza
3. Exile
4. Interrogation
5. Sudor Frio
6. Mal De Ojo
7. Arson-Repent
8. Ciego
9. Ausencia De Luz
10. Refugio
11. Deny-Disgrace
12. Against My Will
13. Rabia
14. Police Brutality
15. Hypothermia