Run For Cover Records


LANNDS "Lotus Deluxe"


Rania Woodard is a queer, black woman living in the South. North Florida isn't known for its progressiveness, but that's where she and Brian Squillace formed LANNDS, a dreamy, psychedelic take on electro-pop that pushes back at the environment it's created in. Reaffirming Rania's commitment to pushing boundaries and normalizing people of color in indie music, the  material exists on its own plane, merging vocals that make you want to cry with a beat that makes you want to dance.

Track Listing:

1. Ninety Four
2. Peaks
3. O.O.W.
4. Not In A Good Way
5. O Brother
6. Lotus
7. In The Garden
8. Hitem
9. Take The L