Rotten To The Core Records


Fractured / Life's Torment "Split"


Fractured offer up six new, shitty hardcore songs to follow up from the "King Fuck" era. Recorded at the infamous Deep Six Compound aka The Womb. Life's Torment are a three-piece outfit hailing from Las Vegas, NV, and offer up four new bangers of their own unique skate/grind-style hardcore. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Life's Torment - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
2. Life's Torment - Awakening
3. Life's Torment - Feign Victims
4. Life's Torment - Adrift
5. Fractured - Hatred For The Hatred
6. Fractured - Judgement Knight
7. Fractured - The Game Of Fuck
8. Fractured - 2 Wrongs Do Make A Right
9. Fractured - I Am The Asshole