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The Welch Boys "s/t"

The Welch Boys are a five-piece street punk band from Boston, MA featuring members of Slapshot and The Blue Bloods. Raised and bred on the many great Boston punk and hardcore bands, The Welch Boys emerge with a sound that is a perfect mix of punk rock, oi! and east coast hardcore. Lyrically, they tackle a wide variety of subjects that convey the struggles of working class life all laced with an underlying core of hope and optimism.

Track Listing:

1. Friend Or Foe
2. Les Paul
3. United
4. Sink Or Swim
5. Can't Wait
6. Sick Of Being Told
7. 617
8. Count My Days
9. Saving Grace
10. Never
11. Someday
12. Straight Line
13. Don't Look Me In The Eye
14. Tossed Out
15. The Upper Deck