Sailor's Grave Records


Mark Lind & The Unloved "The Truth Can Be Brutal"

Whittled down from fifty songs, singer-songwriter Mark Lind's third CD, "The Truth Can Be Brutal" on Sailor's Grave Records, walks the line between the raw emotion of punk rock and classic rock's pop sensibility in a way very few have since Paul Westerberg left the Replacements. Accompanied by the newly solidified lineup of his band, The Unloved, with longtime friend and band-mate Jay Messina (Ducky Boys) on drums, Jeff Morris (The Bruisers, Death And Taxes) on guitar and Mike Savitkas (Death And Taxes) on bass, the music for "The Truth Can Be Brutal" was set to be expanded on from the melodies roughed out on Mark's 12 string guitar. With the unmistakable gravelly Lind voice, his solo music contains an ethos not unlike much of his previous material that has endeared him to many.

Track Listing:

1. Your Revolution Song
2. Familiar Face
3. Hello My Brother
4. New Years Day
5. So She Says
6. Dagger
7. I'm Sorry
8. Coke & Jack
9. An Open Letter To Boston
10. Wolves
11. Different Paths