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Burning Streets "Sit Still"

Inspired by the constant inconsistencies that they have encountered over the years, Burning Streets felt it appropriate to title this release "Sit Still." In support of a more mature and experienced Burning Streets, the record has been produced by Marc Cannatta (ex-Far From Finished) and takes on a strong rock strain while grounding their punk roots. "Sit Still" weaves song after song of passionate, upbeat, punk-strewn infectious rock songs that straddle back and forth between unfiltered angst and crafted emotion.

Track Listing:

1. Distance Between
2. Disappointed
3. Blood I Need
4. Different Drums
5. The Safety
6. Let Me Go
7. Comfort In Confusion
8. Simplicity
9. Full-Time Gamblers
10. Strange Me
11. M.I.A. (Hold On)