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Young Guv "GUV I & II"

Now, "GUV I" and "GUV II" are available in their entirely for the first time ever as a 2xLP. Each of Young Guv's releases from 2019 in one complete set on color vinyl. It features new art laid out and illustrated by Braulio Amado as well as two new bonus tracks exclusive to the release.

Track Listing:

1. Patterns Prevail
2. Roll With Me
3. Every Flower I See
4. Luv Always
5. Didn't Even Cry
6. High On My Mind
7. Exceptionally Ordinary
8. A Boring Story
9. She's A Fantasy
10. Try Not To Hang On So Hard
11. Caught Lookin'
12. Trying To Decide
13. Forgot To Feel
14. Can I Luv U In My Own Way
15. Song About Feeling Insane
16. Can I Just Call You
17. Can't Say Goodbye
18. Try Not To Hang On So Hard (demo) (bonus track)
19. Hammer & Pulse (demo) (bonus track)