Revelation Records


V/A "Past Present"


Past Present is a collection of current bands covering classic tracks from the Revelation Records catalog, including songs by Gorilla Biscuits, Warzone, Youth Of Today, Chain Of Strength and more. These songs were recorded specially for this release; 22 of the 23 tracks have never been available before and all are currently not available elsewhere. Twenty-three songs covering more than 20 years of hardcore played by a diverse group of bands including Sick Of It All, Bold, Walter Schreifels, Terror, Death By Stereo, Set Your Goals, Down To Nothing and more, all together on one release.

Track Listing:

1. Sick Of It All - As One
2. Bold - Searchin' For The Light
3. Damnation A.D. - Hold Your Ground
4. Terror - Friends
5. Triple Threat - Without A Reason
6. Backlash - Wise Up
7. Death By Stereo - Break Down The Walls
8. ON - Through These Eyes
9. Ambitions - Running Like Thieves
10. Set Your Goals - Forgotten
11. Down To Nothing - Where It Went
12. Ignite - Disengage
13. The Twilight Transmission - Clean Slate
14. Countdown To Life - Burning Fight
15. Capital - Out Of Time
16. The Mediam - Et Tu Brute
17. This Is Hell - Do Something
18. Mikoto - Back And To The Left
19. Good Clean Fun - No More
20. The Scare - Brand New Place
21. This Is Hell - I Hope You Die Soon
22. Ignite The Will - For The World
23. Walter Schreifels - Pushed Too Far/Friends Like You