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Bold "The Search: 1985 - 1989"


"The Search: 1985-1989" fittingly illustrates the journey of Bold from the raw energy and passion of the Crippled Youth "Join The Fight" EP to the milestone straight edge hardcore album "Speak Out" and finally to their vastly progressed swan song, "Looking Back." This complete discography allows for some insight into the development of Bold as a band and as people - the lyrics and music move together, a synchronicity that marks the growth of the band. Drawing influences from the bands that came before them like Bad Brains, Minor Threat and Youth Of Today, Bold burst out on the scene with something to prove and, more importantly, something to say.

Track Listing:

1. Running Like Thieves
2. You're The Friend I Don't Need
3. Always Try
4. Looking Back
5. Hateful
6. Speak Out
7. Today We Live
8. Wise Up
9. Having My Say
10. Talk Is Cheap
11. Nailed To The X
12. Now Or Never
13. Always Try
14. Clear
15. Intro
16. Change Within
17. Accept The Blame
18. Wise Up
19. Still Strong
20. Search
21. Strength Through Hope
22. Talk Is Cheap
23. Always Try
24. Walk Tall, Walk Straight
25. Positive Scene
26. Can't You See
27. Not Just Talk
28. Respect
29. Choice
30. Stand Together
31. K-Town Mosh Crew
32. United We Stand