Pure Noise Entertainment


Take Offense "Keep An Eye Out"


Chula Vista, CA, hardcore/thrash juggernaut Take Offense presents their first release for Pure Noise Records in the form of their third full-length, "Keep An Eye Out." Take Offense's eclectic sound pits traditional hardcore with grooving, '90s, heavy rock and "Join The Army"-era Suicidal Tendencies influences, all with some of the best guitar riffage in the underground provided by Greg Cerwonka, who you may also know from Rod Of Correction. Now available on colored vinyl. LPincludes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Keep An Eye Out
2. Hidden In Plain Sight
3. Internalized
4. Awake In A Dream
5. Above No One
6. Zoned In
7. Guilt Free
8. Caught Between Nothing
9. Reap What You Sow
10. The Consequence