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Pitch Black "This Is The Modern Sound"

PITCH BLACK's <i>This Is The Modern Sound</i> comes to us two years after their self-titled Revelation debut and it is well worth the wait. PITCH BLACK have retained the dark, imposing feeling of their earlier work while adding depth and a level of maturity that brings to mind bands like HOT SNAKES, BURNING BRIDES, or THE EX. PITCH BLACK have grown up and this record is the proof.

Track Listing:

1. Tonopah
2. Lovelock
3. The Veracity Of Baggage
4. Toothcutter
5. Bronze Lady Pt.1
6. Sutured Heart
7. Plastic Eyes
8. Mine Shafts And The Laws Of Gravity
9. Maze Of One Ways
10. The Screaming Song
11. The Monkey Song
12. Bronze Lady Pt.2
13. Executives And Art Directors