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The Killer "Obey No One"

After three long years since their last release, The Killer is back with a new 7" chock full of dark destruction: "Obey No One." More infuriated and merciless than their critically acclaimed previous efforts, "Better Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six" and "Not All Who Are Lost...," this new EP is the perfect mix of all things brutal: low-end heavy hardcore and straight up dirge mixed with some of the heaviest, most destructive breakdowns not heard since the days of Merauder, All Out War and Integrity. For fans of Merauder, Death Before Dishonor, Integrity, Sweet Cobra and Coliseum. 7" includes free digital download of 7" plus one additional track and is limited to 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Youth Fast Forward
2. Obey No One
3. Age Of The Swine