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Allegiance "Desperation"

With its sophomore full-length, "Desperation," Allegiance has tossed much of its youthful idealism aside and embraced a stripped down, bare bones, all-out attack on the listener instead. The album embodies the weight of frustration that comes from giving everything you've got, only to be left with an unsatisfying vacuous feeling of what to do next. Recorded with Roger Tschann at Grizzly Studios (Look Back And Laugh, Lights Out, Never Healed), this album is simply dirtier, grittier, and nastier.

Track Listing:

1. Another Wave
2. Taking It Back
3. The Desperation
4. Out Of My Blood
5. Burn
6. If Its Just Words
7. Everything
8. Just Martyr Me
9. Note To Myself
10. Summer Relief
11. So This Is It