All "Mass Nerder"


The overly-caffeinated nerd quartet we know as All first caught the pop-punk genre in a stranglehold in 1988, after years of empathizing with their fellow geeks as the Descendents. Years later, 1998's "Mass Nerder" brought you 16 searing cuts that never dipped below 210 beats per minute. Produced by Bill and Stephen at their very own Blasting Room studio in Fort Collins, CO, and featuring Milo on backing vocals, "Mass Nerder" is the house blend for dweebs and cool guys alike and is not available in decaf. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. World's On Heroin
2. I'll Get There
3. Life On The Road
4. Fairweather Friend
5. Perfection
6. Greedy
7. Until I Say So
8. Think The World
9. Honey Peeps
10. Refrain
11. Silly Me
12. Romantic Junkie
13. Vida Blue
14. Until Then
15. Good As My Word
16. Silence