One Scene Hardcore Records


All Bets Off / Sworn Vengeance "Split"


Originally released in 1999 and not available again until this 2022 reissue, this split 7" teams up two heavyweights from the Bay Area, CA, scene. All Bets Off and Sworn Vengeance.  Sworn Vengeance are still around, bringing a slice of New York-styled hardcore to their scene, while All Bets Off, featuring the late and beloved Sammy Winston aka Sammy The Mick, were one of the most important bands coming out of the Bay Area scene in the late '90s. 7" includes a 16-page, 5.5" x 5.5" booklet.

Track Listing:

1. All Bets Off - Arctic
2. All Bets Off - The Remedy
3. Sworn Vengeance - Soul Stealer
4. Sworn Vengeance - Mark Of Cain