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Acidez "Beer Drinkers Survivors"

Acidez returns with 13 ripping new songs about beer, war, and apocalypse that mix classic UK82 style in the vein of GBH, Discharge and the heavy style of modern bands like Inepsy and Toxic Holocaust. This album contains more of a thrash metal sound than their first record. Recorded at Noise Devil Studio in Guadalajara, Mexico, and mastered at Audiosiege Studios in Portland, OR, by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) and Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). For fans of GBH, The Varukers, Inepsy and Toxic Holocaust.

Track Listing:

1. Waiting The End
2. Acido Corrosivo
3. S.P.N.D.
4. Creador Destructor
5. Maldita La Guerra
6. One Day On Earth
7. Van A Odiar
8. Callejer
9. Camino Al Infierno
10. Acid Thrash Terrorist
11. Revolution Is My Destiny
12. Y Sigue La Destruccion
13. Beer Drinkers Survivors