Indecision Records


Abrasion "Born To Be Betrayed"


California's Abrasion comes out swinging on their sophomore release, with five new tracks of metallic hardcore featuring vocalist Angel Garcia of Dare (Revelation Records). Sonically nurtured on a steady diet of '90s metal and hardcore, coupled with visceral and raw lyrical anger, "Born To Be Betrayed," a work in progress for the better part of 2021, finally sees daylight. For fans of All Out War, Merauder, and Knocked Loose. New pressings now available on purple vinyl and red vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Dios No Te Va Salvar
3. Face To Face
4. No Loyalty
5. Deaths Embrace
6. Intro/Coward's Display (CD only bonus track)
7. No Tolerance (CD only bonus track)
8. Roll The Dice (CD only bonus track)