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Indecision Records


V/A "Guilty By Association"

One song each from these fine California hardcore bands: Blackspot, Caste, Collateral Damage, Eleven Thirty-Four, Frown, Ignite, Kill Holiday, Mean Season, Palefire, Parades End, Redemption 87, Second Coming, Triggerman and Within A Lie. Now available again on vinyl for a limited time.

Track Listing:

1. Eleven Thirty-Four - Dreamer
2. Frown - Sour Blue
3. Mean Season - Guess What?
4. Triggerman - Flatline
5. Kill Holiday - Competing With Your Girlfriend
6. Blackspot - Ace Of Spades
7. Second Coming - Freedom
8. Collateral Damage - Holding My Breath
9. Ignite - Holding On
10. Redemption 87 - About Face
11. Parades End - My Sky
12. Palefire - Stain
13. Within A Lie - Therefore I Am
14. Caste - Every Cry
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