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Indecision Records


The Vows "s/t"

Indecision Records has once again laid their claim to a hardcore supergroup, this time of mostly Northwest (with one exception) scene superstars. Featured are John Pettibone (Undertow, Himsa), Chris Williams (Champion), Aram Arslanian (Champion, Betrayed), Ryan Murphy (Undertow, Ten Yard Fight, Ensign, The Helm), and Rob Moran (Unbroken, Over My Dead Body, Some Girls). This EP is made up of four tracks of fast, positive hardcore proving that the passion for hardcore is still alive within these individuals. Now available again on vinyl for a limited time.

Track Listing:

1. Fucked And Fired
2. Back From The Deads
3. Fall In Their Lines
4. Speak To Truths
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