Facedown Records


Comrades "Lone/Grey"


From their beginnings as an instrumental post-rock band, Comrades has consistently created music that is both aggressive, ambient, complex and emotional. Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds, band members Ben Trussell (drums/vocals), Laura McElroy (bass/vocals) and Joseph McElroy (guitar) create music that they feel passionately about, and draft a space for the listener to take part in. "Lone/Grey" was recorded at Glow In The Dark Studios (My Epic, Underoath, The Chariot) and marries their love for ambient moments with heavy post-hardcore, intentional lyricism and melody with fierce delivery.

Track Listing:

1. In The Whisper, In The Gale
2. Farewell
3. Dark Tongues Part II
4. Empty Frame
5. Synchronous
6. Shepherd's Hymn
7. Underground Queen
8. Brother(less)
9. Infinite Scale
10. That We May One Day Be The Same