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Death Before Dishonor "Better Ways To Die"

Hardworking, honest and relentless in their blue-collar touring approach, Death Before Dishonor has had nothing handed to them. "Better Ways To Die" is Death Before Dishonor doing what they do best - somewhere between the harder punk edge of Rancid, the working class anthems of Dropkick Murphys, the hardcore attack of Hatebreed and the precision and fury of Slayer. "Better Ways To Die" truly is the sound of an American hardcore band that knows their roots and a band that has established themselves outside of cliches and the pre-defined constructs of what it is defined as "hardcore."

Track Listing:

1. Peace And Quiet
2. Remember
3. Coffin Nail
4. Fuck This Year
5. Boys In Blue
6. Better Ways To Die
7. So Far From Home
8. Black Cloud
9. No More Lies
10. Bloodlust
11. Our Glory Days