Bridge Nine Records


Cruel Hand "Prying Eyes"

Cruel Hand's "Prying Eyes" is a record that's going to knock you on your ass. Originally a side project for members of Outbreak, Cruel Hand has evolved from a band that never meant to tour into a band that has done three full US tours, a full European tour and are releasing their sophomore full-length on Bridge Nine. Combining early Metallica, Madball and a crossover hardcore style that sounds like a modern Agnostic Front or D.R.I., Cruel Hand is set to show you that hardcore can be metal or your metal can be hardcore. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Above And Below
2. Dead Weight
3. Life In Shambles
4. Begin Descension
5. Motions That Lie
6. Hounds
7. Damaged Goods
8. Heart Failure
9. No Known Graves
10. Prying Eyes
11. House Arrest
12. Wisdom Pain