Bridge Nine Records


Alcoa "Parlour Tricks"


The sophomore full-length from Alcoa, "Parlour Tricks," arrives upon a very new and invigorating chapter in Derek Archambault's life. After a successful campaign on crowd-funding site PledgeMusic (resulting in the covers EP, "Thank You"), he had the imminent surgery, got back on his feet and immediately began working on new music with both Defeater and the more laidback, alt-country-leaning Alcoa. Recording near his home provided a warm and familiar environment with bandmate and engineer Mike Moschetto, etching out a slightly twangy and honest sound with shades of wistful, jangly '90s alternative rock acts. Vinyl version includes digital download and an eight-page, 12" x 12" book.

Track Listing:

1. Old Habits
2. All Dolled Up
3. Codebreaker
4. It Won't Get Better
5. Always Chasing Me
6. Come And Go
7. Poison Acquaintance
8. 13 Years Bad Luck
9. For Holden
10. Rations
11. Famous Last Words