Beach Impediment Records


Public Acid "Deadly Struggle"


Building off the shockwaves of 2020's "Condemnation," Public Acid's sound - a skewed, arty amalgamation of bludgeoning hardcore, frantic, riff-soaked D-beat, harsh noise, and underground metal - has only grown more focused and furious. There's the virtuosic rhythm section, possessing an inhuman combination of lightness of touch and neanderthal power; the blinding, riffs-inside-of-riffs guitar style; the density of sound, massively heavy and pock-marked with kaleidoscopic fuzz; the maniacal vocals, inventive in both their technique and their rhythmic cadences; and, of course, the deadly mid-paced parts. Deadly Struggle reminds us that while hardcore punk will never die, those who cheapen it absolutely will. LP includes a 22.75" x 33" poster.

Track Listing:

1. Slow Bleed
2. Confession
3. Psychedelic Depression
4. Ignorance
5. Scraps Of Sanity
6. End Of Pain
7. Hang The Leaders
8. Deadly Struggle