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Long Knife "Rip City Bonerpunk Classics Vol. 1"


Portland, OR's Long Knife has spent the last ten+ years turning out some of the most well-crafted and unrelenting hardcore punk in North America, fusing the speed and ferocity of first-wave USHC, the barely restrained chaos of Japanese hardcore, and the guitar heroism of classic hard rock to devastating effect. "Rip City Bonerpunk Classics Vol. 1" compiles all of Long Knife's 7" tracks, including "Possession," "Sewers Of Babylon," and "Night Of The Hunter," as well as songs from their split 7" with Japanese hardcore legends Forward and several previously unreleased covers. Whether you pine for the unhinged guitar wizardry of G.I.S.M., the pummeling neanderthal churn of Motorhead, or the frenetic lunacy of United Mutation, Long Knife delivers.

Track Listing:

1. Night Of The Hunter
2. Rough Liver
3. Painting The Night
4. The Tower
5. Only A Reflection
6. Citadel
7. Bastards Of Bedlam
8. Finale (Final Attack)
9. Someday
10. Possession In The Alley
11. Negative Mental Attitude
12. Mr. Pharmaceutical
13. Wilderness
14. Rusted Shut
15. Repetition
16. Megalomania