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A Wilhelm Scream "Partycrasher: 10th Anniversary Edition"


A Wilhelm Scream has forged a pretty massive comeback as of late. The band released their first new record in nine years, "Lose Your Delusion," in 2022 alongside vinyl reissues of most of their back catalog. Now the band is finally giving special treatment to their 2013 album "Partycrasher," featuring a whole new mastering job, two acoustic demos, and a previously unheard song from the sessions dubbed "Swallowed The Sea."

Track Listing:

1. Boat Builders
2. The Last Laugh
3. Devil Don't Know
4. Number One
5. Gut Sick Companion
6. Hairy Scarecrow
7. Ice Man Left A Trail
8. Sassaquin
9. Walkin' With Michael Douglas
10. Wild Turkey
11. Born A Wise Man
12. The Last Laugh (demo)
13. Devil Don't Know (demo)
14. Swallowed The Sea (bonus track/previously unreleased)