May 04, 2022 4 min read

We asked Andy Norton from Praise five questions.


Hi Andy, you’re IG handle is “satyagraha” and you run “committedforlife” IG which is dedicated to 7Seconds, is it fair to say they’re your favorite band? When did that love affair begin? Favorite track?

Yes 7Seconds (and Minor Threat) are my favorite bands. A friend handed me The Crew CD in 1999 at Trash American on our way to the YOT reunion gigs. That was my introduction to them. In 2005 I had the pleasure of touring with them and that only reinforced my love for them. They have everything I want in a band, honest lyrics, melody and urgency. I feel like I love them even more as I get older. Picking a favorite song is so difficult because they have so many. The first ones that pop into my head would be The Inside, Catching, Regress No Way and of course Satyagraha.   

Is Praise a Baltimore band? What are your 5 favorite spots to hit, record store, food, magic, whatever. I have a day to kill in Baltimore, where am I going?

I think its easiest to just say Praise is a Baltimore band at this point but the members have spread out between Baltimore, Silver Spring and Richmond. When I'm in the city Im usually linking up with Anthony and hitting Celebrated Summer and Atomic Books in Hampden, then walking over to Hunting Ground. Hunting Ground sells a mix of new and vintage clothing and accessories that focus on small designers and artists. I'm also probably hitting Normal's Bookstore not too far away. There is so much good food in Baltimore and so many spots have at least a few vegan options. But the go-tos for me are Johnny Rads, get the vegan cheesesteak or etotz bbq sammich. I also recommend grabbing the Atlanta Wet Lemon fried Tofu from The Local Fry. Sophomore has the best coffee in Baltimore too.

Tell me about the concept for the video “All In A Dream”, how did it come about and what was going down when you guys made it.

We went back and forth with a bunch of ideas for the video but most credit for the final version should go to Robin Zeijlon. I sent him some ideas and then he came back with the narrative and we worked from. We spent a cold day after Christmas in the woods in Silver Spring filming it. Our friends Zech and Russell let Crucial John paint their face and hands (MOTHER no.16 & 17). We had a small group of friends helping to make everything happen. It was a really great time spending a day in the woods making something with friends.

Let’s talk about early hardcore days, what was your first introduction to it all, what was the first show? Top 3 old school core bands, GO!

My brother and I got into guitar music when bands like Nirvana and Green Day were breaking through. Those two bands lead us to doing some exploring. My Dad is a music fan and would take the two of us to a place in College Park, MD called CDepot that has mostly used stuff. He would trade Pearl Jam imports with someone who worked there and let Chris and I pick out a CD. We would just go to the punk/ska section and grab stuff. One day Chris got Minor Threat Complete Discography. My mom would let him listen to his mix tapes on the way to school since she would drive us out of district. He would sneak random songs in there to see if she noticed. He put Seein Red on one of them and that was it for me. The song was over before she could turn it off and my life was forever changed. As far as top 3 bands go since I already said Minor Threat and 7 Seconds Ill just stick with 3 more that are Rev specific: Gorilla Biscuits, Inside Out and Youth Of Today.

How did you get into graphic design or art? Did you study it? Always drawing as a kid? When did you first start “working” as an artist?

My mom always encouraged our creativity and had random arts and craft supplies around the house when we were kids. In school art class was always the class I looked forward too. In High School I had really great Art teachers who guided me and also gave me room to experiment with all sorts of stuff. I was in the darkroom for photo stuff, trying to make skate videos on the vhs editing machines, and of course drawing and painting. I did visual communication design in college but I think most of what I learned was out of necessity, trying to learn how to make flyers or t-shirts designs for bands I was in or friends with. I am hesitant to use use the word artist to describe myself but people started reaching out to me who werent my friends about 6 years ago to do design work for them. Prior to that it was just for friends or personal stuff.