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In addition to running Smorgasbord Fanzine and Records back in the late 80s, Chris Daily also was responsible for printing up some of the covers and inserts for the early Rev releases, as well as the famed Schism Issue number 7 and the Project X seven inch covers. Although it may seem insignificant, we thought it was a cool little piece of niche history, especially since twenty plus years later Chris has continued his interest in printwork by running Daily Screen Printing out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Enjoy. -DCXX 

First off, when, where and how did you end up in a print shop?

I was never real academic in school, so early on I took a path of the ”Industrial Arts.” I took a print shop class in about 1984 for offset and screen printing. I screen printed a shirt using hand cut film that said “I’d rather be killing communists” from a sticker I saw on a White Flag album. And I talked another kid in the class into making a Suicidal shirt. While in high school I got a part time job at a printshop and my senior year I had a work release schedule where I went to school from 7-11:30 and then to the print shop to work. I had no plans for college so after graduation I went full time at various print shops in CT and then PA. In 1990 I realized that offset printing as a career was not for me, so I continued to work in a shop while going to school.

Were you interested in putting print skills to work for hardcore use?

Sure…I recall early on thinking I could use printing for something hardcore related.

Was Smorgasbord issue 1 the first piece of Smorgasbord material that you printed?

No, I used to do a skate zine called Skate Confusion. That was the first thing I printed in my High School print shop. Back then it was all cut and paste and you had to V-LOX all photos, essentially break them down into line. It was a real pain in the ass. Couple that with a shitty press and my even shittier skills and you have zines with horribly dark pictures.

What Smorgasbord material did you print?

I printed 2 issues of Skate Confusion, 2 full issues of Smorgasbord, then issue 1.5 of Smorgasbord, X Marks the Spot covers, Edgewise covers, Conviction covers, Forbearance covers, Voice Of The Voiceless lyric sheet, Bloodlet covers, Splinter covers and the Up Front “What Fire Does”covers. Also, the Turning Point LP inserts.

Chris Daily Zines

What was the first non-Smorgasbord related hardcore record or zine that you were involved in the printing of?

I’m not really sure…probably the SOIA 7” lyric sheets.

When you started doing print work for Revelation, who did you deal with, Ray or Jordan, and how did your involvement come about?

I dealt with Jordan. Not sure how it came about. I had called him to get info on pressing plants for X Marks and I guess we just got talking… I was really for helping out.

What type of business set up was involved? I mean, I don’t imagine you were writing contracts and running off 100,000 record sleeves at a time. Was it just an informal thing?

Oh yea, real informal. I’d get the art and they’d tell me the quantity. When I moved to PA and worked in a real big print shop I became buddies with this one night shift pressman, he sang in a York, PA band called Second Crisis. He and I used to break in at 3am and print stuff for free, we’d steal the paper, ink and plates… I’d throw him some cash and I’d have covers or lyric sheets pretty cheap. That is why all the later stuff looks “real” and the printing on that early stuff (Smorgasbord, Schism, PX) is terrible.

Similarly, were you paid for your work in either cash or trade? Or was it just a favor?

I don’t recall the payment types. I know the Smorgasbord stuff I printed real cheap. The stuff for other people I'm sure was done pretty cheap as well. In high school I just had to pay for supplies, my school was so ghetto the teacher liked the fact that I was actually into printing things. Most of the class never even came to class.

What Revelation releases did you print?

SOIA lyric sheets (with the red and black). I don’t remember anything really specific about the SOIA lyric sheet. I did the 2 color thing on my own, just because I felt like doing something different. When I got the art my main concern was actually being able to print the photo side because of all the black ink coverage. The press I had at school was a piece of shit and I knew that was going to be a problem. I do remember reading the lyrics, thanks list and studying all the photos. I was at most of the shows on the lyric sheet so it was cool to see them on there. Also, I did the NFAA lyric sheets, Side By Side lyric sheet (I think). And an ad for inside those records (in red ink). That is all.

Any Revelation related stories that you can recall when dealing with any specific printings? (Rejected printings, problems, etc.)?

The NFAA lyric sheet is on the same odd paper as the PX covers. The SOIA lyric sheet I did in 2 colors on the one side, the other side was all photos and I was not able to print it, I had to have it photocopied. Same thing may have happened on the SBS and NFAA lyric sheets too, but I’d have to see a first press to be sure.

From any misprints, or even normal prints, did you ever keep any extras for yourself? I mean, I am sure then the idea of some extra (or misprints) of Rev flyers or record inserts/jackets was meaningless, but looking back that stuff could nicely add to a collection.

Nope, never crossed my mind. To me those days we just regular days…I thought I’d be 17 and printing hardcore forever. I still have extra printed sheets of the Smorgasbord issues, but that is it.

When and how did you get involved with the printing of Schism issue 7 and the Project X covers? Who approached you? Did you know it was a big deal release?

Again, not sure how it came about, those dudes probably just knew I had a printing hook up. I am sure if they knew how shitty the print job was going to be they’d have thought twice! It was just another release/zine at the time. I mean I guess it was a big deal, but like I said, I figured those days were never going to end.

Considering PX was initially to be a secret, were you asked to keep everyone’s identity quiet?

I was not told who it was, I mean I knew because of the picture, but that was it. I was asked to not show anyone, which I didn’t. I think people knew there was going to be a 7” with the next issue of Schism, but I don’t know if anyone really knew what it was going to be. I mean that is going back a long way so I am not really sure, those details are fuzzy. Looking back at that time, yea I guess it was a cool thing to be printing but I did not think of it like that at the time....it was just another printing job of some hardcore stuff that I thought I was going to be doing for the next 30 years.

You could very well be the first person to read the lyrics to Straight Edge Revenge besides Porcell or Alex. To me that would be like being able to open all my gifts the day before Christmas while everyone else has to wait. Would you agree?

Haha, I guess you may be right, never thought of that. I can tell you when I got the art boards I sat and read the entire zine/7” cover… it was awesome! It was cool to be able to see the layouts before anyone else I guess. I don’t remember the time lines between art drop off and delivery of the lyric sheets, but I would assume it was rather short order. I don’t recall ever being overly psyched (any more so then just psyched that a record was coming out in general) or showing them to people...not sure why.
I do recall looking at boxes of records and talking about GI-Joe action figures.
When everything was finished printing, did you usually pack it up and ship it all to Rev and Schism or did you meet up with them? Was everyone happy with the work upon first receiving it?

I used to drive up to New Haven and drop off the Rev stuff to Jordan and Beth’s apartment. One time we went duck pin bowling with Jordan and a few other friends, but the other times I think it was rather quick. I do recall looking at boxes of records and talking about GI-Joe action figures. Again...this was REALLY early on in Rev history as well, so it was not really any more of a big deal then just a dude that happened to be putting out a few records. I knew Jordan and other people at the Anthrax that had small labels so it was not like I was walking into an empire. I don’t recall about the Schism but there was no way I shipped it. The EVR 7” and Turning Point LP inserts I shipped and I remember it costing a TON!

Did you keep any extra copies of the work for yourself? Possibly putting aside a dozen copies of Skiz #7 for yourself or friends? Even misprints? If not, how badly do you wish you had?

Nope I never kept anything. I actually only had one copy of Schism and they gave it to me at the Anthrax show it was “released” at. I may have kept one issue that I folded and stapled, but without the actual vinyl PX 7” what good was a solo issue? At least that was how I thought at the time. Now I wish I had a box full! I did not even show my friends the Schism zine prior to release. Do I wish I had copies? YES!

Today when you see a copy of the Project X 7” with Schism issue 7 sell for close to $1,000, what thoughts go through your head?

Mind blowing… I always copy the link and send it to co-workers or family saying I printed it in High School. Who would have thought?

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