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New hardcore punk and independent music released this week
No Use For A Name - All The Best Songs Vinyl & CDNO USE FOR A NAME
All The Best Songs
Larkin - A Toast To St. Jude Vinyl & CDLARKIN
A Toast To St. Jude
Nathan Gray - NTHN GRY Vinyl & CDNATHAN GRAY
Agnostic Front - My Life My Way Vinyl & CDAGNOSTIC FRONT
My Life My Way
World Be Free - The Anti-Circle Vinyl & CDWORLD BE FREE
The Anti-Circle
Hollowpoints - Rocket To Rainier Vinyl & CDHOLLOWPOINTS
Rocket To Rainier
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New hardcore and punk fanzines and books available now
Born To Expire
Short Fast & Loud
Born To Expire #6
Short Fast & Loud #29
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New hardcore and punk DVD and videos out now
It's Gonna Blow!!!
Dicks - The Dicks From Texas DVD & Video
It's Gonna Blow!!! - San Diego's Music Underground 86-96 DVD & Video
The Dicks From Texas
San Diego's Music Underground 86-96
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New hardcore and punk t-shirts available now
World Be Free
World Be Free
Youth Of Today

World Be Free - The Anti-Circle CD/HS Combo Package t-shirt

World Be Free - The Anti-Circle CD/LS Combo Package t-shirt

Bold - OG Logo t-shirt

Youth Of Today - Positive Outlook t-shirt

The Anti-Circle CD/HS Combo Package
The Anti-Circle CD/LS Combo Package
OG Logo
Positive Outlook
:: All Shirts
Featured hardcore, punk and independent releases available now
Farside - The Monroe Doctrine Vinyl & CDFARSIDE
The Monroe Doctrine
Farside was a hardcore punk band from Orange County, CA founded in 1989. Their sound was a mixture of late-'80s post-hardcore (Dag Nasty, Husker...
Purgatory - Gospel Of War Vinyl & CDPURGATORY
Gospel Of War
Hailing from Omaha, NE, Purgatory offers up their Escapist Records debut with "Gospel Of War." On the 7" EP, Purgatory delivers six tracks of...
Ill Repute - The 1982 Demos Vinyl & CDILL REPUTE
The 1982 Demos
Ill Repute is one of American hardcore's longest running bands, having formed in 1981 and still going strong in 2015. Before these Nardcore legends...
Stigmata - Pieces Of Me b/w Fillers For Coffins Vinyl & CDSTIGMATA
Pieces Of Me b/w Fillers For Coffins
For over 20 gut-punching years, Stigmata has defined aural aggression and musical mayhem as the underlying backbone that the Upstate New York hardcore music...
Walk Proud - Too Much Is Never Enough Vinyl & CDWALK PROUD
Too Much Is Never Enough
Walk Proud is probably best known in the hardcore scene for having been the first release for New Age Records all the way back...
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Special of the week
V/A - The Blasting Room CD & VinylV/A
The Blasting Room
Owned & Operated Records
CD:  $1.00
Not only is The Blasting Room home of the Descendents and All, but it is also a state-of-the-art recording studio. Various hardcore and pop-punk...

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