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Unity Worldwide Records


Winds Of Promise "Cut. Heal. Scar."


Winds Of Promise's love of the Orange County, CA, and Washington, DC-hardcore sound is evident and intertwined into the new material on "Cut. Heal. Scar." This second album from these Orange County hardcore pioneers (ex-Unity, Uniform Choice, Ignite, Triggerman, The Killing Flame) is the result of decades of commitment to an ageless sound. Ten new songs from the heart of DC-charged, OC hardcore that tackle many subjects relevant today. CD includes 10 bonus tracks and alternate cover artwork. Imported from Germany.

Track Listing:

1. Breaking Free
2. Cut Heal Scar
3. In My Room
4. October Skies
5. Those Who Would Be King
6. What?s On The Inside
7. Addictation
8. You Are You Say
9. If You Drag The River
10. Drips At It Drain
11. Grab A little, Take A Lot (bonus track)
12. Worn (bonus track)
13. Never (bonus track)
14. Rust (bonus track)
15. Hardwired (bonus track)
16. Winds Of Promise (bonus track)
17. Hold Out (bonus track)
18. No One Got Out Alive (bonus track)
19. Seasonal (bonus track)
20. The Circumstance (bonus track)