LSM Vinyl


Weekend Kids "The Life We Chose"


What was intended to be a short-lived reunion/tribute band to one of the greatest of the early American skinhead bands ended up such a success that the band decided to give it a go and started to write their own new material in the vein of that classic, pre-Y2K, American-bootboy style that was made (in)famous by the likes of Vulture Rock Records. This is the debut release from Weekend Kids, with the title track being an original and a killer rendition of the Bovver Wonderland song "Big Mouth" on the B-side. For fans of The Business, Blitz, The Last Resort, The 4-Skins, Cockney Rejects, The Templars, Oxblood, Vibram 94, and Bovver Wonderland. Limited edition of 250 copies. Imported from Canada.

Track Listing:

1. Life We Chose
2. Gather Up All The Bovver Boys
3. Big Mouth