War Bison "Acre"

Hailing from San Francisco, CA, (a rarer thing these days as many of the punks are getting priced out to the East Bay and beyond), War Bison fulfills the promises they made in their excellent 2017 demo. Taking their cues from 411, Verbal Assault, and the like, they play this driving, melodic, and breakdown-filled take on hardcore that brings to mind a lot of early-'90s bands. What prevents it from devolving into '90s-hardcore tedium, however, is the exceptionally adept guitar work and urgent pace of delivery - it provides a formidable backdrop to vocalist Dwayne's shouted yet tuneful conveyance of lyrics which address both threats societal and internalized. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Plastic Reality
2. Done
3. Last Call
4. Living To Exist
5. Numb
6. Self Crucified
7. 5150
8. Endless Struggle
9. Down In The Drumph
10. False Gods