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Trustkill Records


Ventana "American Survival Guide Vol. 1"

Ventana is a culmination of efforts from Rick "Stitch" Thomas of Mushroomhead, Daniel Fox, Matt Foran, John Sustar and Kyle Kotarski. Spanish for "window," Ventana represents a time where we see not only the past, but also a slight reflection of our future in the dusty glass. For fans of White Zombie, Fear Factory and Marilyn Manson.

Track Listing:

1. Media: Watch U.S. Burn
2. Insanity: Coming Apart
3. Health: Stress Related
4. Violence: The Dying Sound
5. Addiction: The Fallen Idol
6. Technology: This Digital World
7. Evolution: The Sad HisTory Of The World
8. Religion: Face To Face
9. Politics: Swords
10. Transformation: Cry Little Sister
11. Acceptance: The Way The World Ends
12. The Defying Sound (Negative Red remix)
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