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Bridge Nine Records


V/A "The First Nine Years"

"The First Nine Years" chronicles the modest beginning of the Bridge Nine record label. Spread over five 7" records, these 29 bands become the soundtrack to the 128 page companion book packed with many never-before-seen photos, telling the story of how the label got its start, how relationships forged in high school lead to its earliest releases, and how each band was connected to the next by a single degree of separation as Bridge Nine's reach expanded from a few local bands to having one of the most actively touring rosters in the underground, building awareness for the label worldwide. "The First Nine Years" details the many opportunities and obstacles that the label faced during its earliest era, while building a foundation to support the over 100 artists who have called Bridge Nine home, and the over 250 releases that they've recorded for the label in the years since. 7" Box Set includes digital download. Limited edition of 500 copies on yellow vinyl, exclusive to Rev.

Track Listing:

1. Tenfold - What It Meant
2. The Trust - What I've Seen
3. Proclamation - Scenester Pride
4. Right Brigade - More Than I've Got
5. Death Threat - As One We Stand
6. Give Up The Ghost - There's A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru
7. Shark Attack - Misery Loves Company
8. Breaker Breaker - Forget The Words
9. Carry On - A Life Less Plagued
10. Cops And Robbers - On The Decline
11. No Warning - Answer The Call
12. The Hope Conspiracy - No Love Goes Unpunished
13. Panic - Turn Cold
14. Breathe In - We All Do Time
15. Reaching Forward - Cage
16. Sworn In - Switchblades & Serenades
17. Some Kind Of Hate - Fuck These People
18. Champion - The Decline
19. Striking Distance - Tear It Down
20. Holding On - These Hallowed Halls
21. Slapshot - Identity
22. Ramallah - Sleep
23. Stand & Fight - E