Revelation Records


V/A "In-Flight Program"

A twenty-six track introduction to the first half of the Revelation back catalog. From early straight edge hardcore to melodic post-punk, this is an eclectic mix of music sure to appeal to anyone.

Track Listing:

1. Sense Field/building
2. Texas Is The Reason/back And To The Left
3. Farside/audience
4. The Iceburn Collective/sphinx
5. Shades Apart/fearless
6. Chain Of Strength/true Till Death
7. Whirlpool/wasteland
8. Chinchilla/decoder
9. Bodyjar/glossy Books
10. Ignite/embrace
11. Sparkmarker/chrysanthemum
12. Youth Of Today/break Down The Walls
13. No Fun At All/master Celebrator
14. Gorilla Biscuits/new Direction
15. State Of The Nation/a Piece
16. Beta Minis Mechanic/sandcastles
17. Quicksand/omission
18. Underdog/say It To My Face
19. Judge/bringin' It Down
20. Supertouch/vendor
21. Inside Out/no Spiritual Surrender
22. Shelter/enough
23. Burn/shall Be Judged
24. Into Another/to Be Free
25. Bold/looking Back
26. Engine Kid/windshield