King Of The Monsters


Unruh "Tomb"

Within the half decade of their existence, Unruh churned out a respectable arsenal of recorded works, including several demos, two LPs through King Of The Monsters and Pessimiser, several split releases and EPs, notable compilation inclusions and more, all of which are now being collectively re-released in a 3xLP box set, "Tomb." Vinyl Box Set includes free download code and is limited to 499 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Friendly Fire
2. Siphon
3. Simpleton
4. Abscess
5. Breadwinner
6. 84 Hours
7. Revision
8. In The Last Half Hour
9. Blessed Numbness
10. To Go Without
11. Faded Tattoos
12. Spoonful Of Tar
13. Friendly Fire
14. Siphon
15. Breadwinner
16. 84 Hours
17. Abscess
18. Spoonful Of Tar
19. Finite
20. Disdain For The Creative Mind Of Henry Ford
21. Faded Tattoos
22. Complex
23. Layman's Gallows
24. Friendly Fire
25. Five Year Wager
26. Salt Lake Of Fire And Brimstone
27. Compost
28. Salute
29. Rebirth Of Family Values
30. Closed Circuit
31. Jab Job
32. Mercitron
33. Numbered Days
34. Ugly Inside
35. Fear And Loathing Among The Working Class