Pop Wig Records


Turnstile "Move Thru Me"

The future is built by the youth. Defined by perpetual motion and dedicated to personal freedom, Turnstile requested in 2011 that we play by "New Rules;" in 2013 that we "Step To Rhythm" and "Keep It Moving;" and in 2015, to strive for "Non-Stop Feeling." Always more appeal than demand, more liberation than limitation, Turnstile extends their hand in 2016 with "Move Thru Me." Three new songs: "Come Back For More," "Harder On You" and a title track, rounded out with a cover of "Fuck Me Blind" by Washington, DC's GIVE, incite complete physical and emotional carte blanche. Born in Montgomery and Prince George's, the two counties bordering what is arguably the most important city in the world, with aide from Columbus, OH, Turnstile's brand of youth-minded, youth-driven hardcore punk intends on breaking down barriers, sonically and ideologically. Constantly growing, constantly changing, super motion. "Move Thru Me," a taste of the future out now on Pop Wig Records. 7" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Come Back For More
2. Harder On You
3. Move Thru Me
4. Fuck Me Blind