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Trap Them "Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings"

"Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings" 12"ep combines all of their pre-"Seizures In Barren Praise" material (the "Seance Prime" CDEP and material from their split 7" EP with Extreme Noise Terror) into one brutal 12"ep release. All of the material has been remastered by guitarist Brian Izzi and the release also features reworked packaging from designer Ryan Patterson (Coliseum, etc.). This release, in its original form, put Trap Them on the map with listeners and critics worldwide as one of the most interesting heavy bands out there today. 12"ep includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Day Thirteen: The Protest Hour
2. Day Fourteen: Pulse Mavens
3. Day Fifteen: Citizenihilist
4. Day Sixteen: The Iconflict
5. Day Seventeen: Wafers And Wine Of Sandblast Times
6. Day Eighteen: Enders