Transplants "Haunted Cities"

With the exception of the lead singer, Transplants is composed of ex-members of Rancid and Blink-182. The band's sophomore release, "Haunted Cities," straddles the line between punk, rock-rap and alternative pop. The latter is best epitomized by "Gangsters And Thugs," a tune that sounds like it could have appeared among outtakes from Beck's "Odelay." However, this album points mostly in the direction of a punk revival, only with crunchier guitars, heavier vocal rants and chunkier drum beats. For example, "American Guns" mixes Shane MacGowan-style vocals with messy guitars and a driving bass pattern. But just when you think you've pigeon-holed the group, Transplants switches gears again. On "Hit The Fence," the band combines Beastie Boys-influenced rap with a menacing piano motif. The last track on the album, "Crash And Burn," even uses Afro-Cuban piano riffs. Featuring guest vocal performances by hip-hop stars Sen Dog and B. Real (from Cypress Hill), this release is sure to remain a favorite with those who love to hear genres combined freely and without apology.

Track Listing:

1. Not Today
2. Apocalypse Now
3. Gangsters And Thugs
4. What I Can't Describe
5. Doomsday
6. Killafornia
7. American Guns
8. Madness
9. Hit The Fence
10. Pay Any Price
11. I Want It All
12. Crash And Burn