Toxic State Records


Tozcos "Infernal"


Tozcos started in 2013 in Orange County, CA, and this is their second full-length. Tozcos really love punk from the area that they are from like the Adolescents and TSOL, and they carry that stuff in their blood no matter what band they are in. This is mixed in with their love of Spanish-speaking punk and other international hardcore punk such as Eskorbuto, GBH, Toreros After Ole, Svart Framtid, and Qloaqa Letal. LP includes a 19" x 25" poster.

Track Listing:

1. El Vacio
2. Ven A Ver
3. Nadie Dice Nada
4. Quien Te Va Enterrar?
5. Desilusion Total
6. Regeneracion
7. Presos
8. Ojos Muertos
9. Siglo Infernal
10. Nunca Pasaran
11. Viboras
12. Abolicion