Rotten To The Core Records


To The Point "Reinventing The Wheel: The First 25"


The first 25 songs by To The point back on vinyl. Hardcore tunes that will make your neighbors want to be your best friend. This is the US version featuring alternate artwork from the German pressing on RSR. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Betrayed
2. Words That Come To Mind...
3. The Result
4. Final Words
5. Infected
6. My Cell
7. Self Restrictions
8. Free Ride
9. Chinga La Migra
10. Your Disease
11. Punching Holes In The Woirld
12. No Out Cry
13. Socially Inept Network
14. This Is Los Angeles
15. In It For Life
16. Your Downfall
17. Reversal Of Evolution
18. Decisions I Immediately Regret
19. Nothing Is Brutal
20. Drop The Bomb
21. Wont Bow Down
22. Pig
23. Worst House On The Block
24. Random Acts Of Kindness
25. No Friend Of Bill W
26. Make A Change
27. Hand Wringing Liberal