Community Records


Thou "Inconsolible"

Community Records is pleased to offer Thou's "Inconsolable" - a collaborative companion EP to 2018's full-length "Magus" - offering eight Thou compositions expressing the band's ongoing confrontation with the grotesquerie and power of modern civilization with a unique focus on melodic vocal and string performances by the band and guests. "Inconsolable" stands apart from any other Thou release as the first they would call "acoustic" for a radical instrumental stride away from the heavy, electric instrumentation that's seen them relegated to such genres as sludge, doom, stoner metal, post-metal, grunge, and post-hardcore but, despite this, establishes its potency in acoustic guitar, violin, and other strings and melodious lead vocals by guest performers. Thou's "Inconsolable" is a collaborative album that, unlike ever before, offers Thou's love of dark, '90s, guitar pop beyond the macabre, through the macabre. 12"ep includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. The Unspeakable Oath
2. Come Home, You Are Missed
3. The Hammer
4. Behind The Mask, Another Mask
5. Fallow State
6. Into The Scourge Pit
7. Find The Cost Of Freedom
8. Entombed In Man