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The Festival Of Dead Deer "The Many Faces Of Mental Illness"

The Festival Of Dead Deer, hailing from the greater Los Angeles, CA, area, was dealt a very short-lived life in the world of music. Fortunately, this artifact here came to life just as the band was pronounced D.O.A. This CD here consists of highlights from a live show on Los Angeles's KXLU. CD includes two additional tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Episodes
2. Monotones (bonus track)
3. Stagnant (bonus track)
4. My Names Explicit
5. A Controlled Response
6. In Fifty Words Or Less
7. Rated Are
8. The Coming Of Going
9. What Makes Sense
10. Basura Blanca
11. Before Narcolepsy
12. Hunting
13. Limited Edition Of Zero
14. Inner Planetary Reasoning