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Sweet Soul "So Far No Further"


The stellar debut album, "So Far No Further," by California band Sweet Soul exemplifies just how hard they've worked to refine their brand of pop-infused punk rock. The full-length opens with a harder hitting rendition of "Some Nerve" to lure listeners in with the familiar but also show the band is not holding anything back - thick bass lines that carry almost solo level, twinkling guitar, sustaining wash and catchy chorus. Sweet Soul takes advantage of that initial grip on the listener and continues with ten more tracks demonstrating that, while the band relies on their hardcore chops, they have found a perfect intersection of punk and power pop.

Track Listing:

1. Some Nerve
2. Like A Disease
3. Noises Drown
4. The Moment
5. No Control
6. So Far No Further
7. Space You Need
8. Diggin' Your Grave
9. At Odds
10. All The Same