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Suburban Scum / Xibalba "Split"

Featuring over 22 minutes of music, this split 12" is a mix of doom-influenced metal from California's Xibalba and breakdown-driven hardcore from New Jersey's Suburban Scum. This will be Xibalba's first release since their 2012 full-length "Hasta La Muerte" on Southern Lord Records as well as Suburban Scum's first since their 2012 EP "Hanging By Thread" on 6131 Records. 12"ep includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Xibalba - Death Threat
2. Xibalba - Suicide Note
3. Suburban Scum - Intro
4. Suburban Scum - Misery Loves Company
5. Suburban Scum - Refuse To Suffer
6. Suburban Scum - Little From The World