Deathwish, Inc.


Starkweather "This Sheltering Night"

"This Sheltering Night" is a dizzying eleven song journey of unimaginable metallic twists and turns. Featuring mesmerizing soundscapes from Sophia Perennis and Oktopus (Dalek) alongside traditional Starkweather efforts, "This Sheltering Night" is as brutal and as dynamic as aggressive music can be. Without question, after 20 years of progression and isolation, Starkweather stand alone as the heavy music world's true apex predator.

Track Listing:

1. Epiphany
2. Swarm (CD only bonus track)
3. Broken From Inside
4. Transmit (CD only bonus track)
5. All Creatures Damned And Divine
6. One Among Vermin
7. Receive (CD only bonus track)
8. Bustuari
9. Proliferate (CD only bonus track)
10. Martyring
11. The End Of All Things (CD only bonus track)