Deranged Records


Spiritual Cramp "Television"

After two EPs (React! Records and Deranged) comes Spiritual Cramp's debut 12". Combining "Sandinista"-esq experimentation with modern alternative rock might be something that scares away the leather and spike crowd but that's only if you've been pretending The Clash didn't write some of the best rock 'n' roll songs the world ever knew. This new 12" catches you up by repackaging the 7"s with a set of new tracks including a Sex Pistols and Billy Bragg cover.

Track Listing:

1. The Erasure
2. Upset Stomach
3. Northern Soul Search
4. Television
5. Pretty Vacant
6. Lovers Town Revisited
7. Spiritual Cramp
8. 850 Bryant
9. I Feel Bad Bein' Me
10. Bloot Clot
11. All My Friends Are Out Tonight (Alright)
12. Tenderloin
13. Wrecking Machine
14. The Ice Age Isnt Fucking Coming