La Agonia De Vivir



Just in time for the 20th anniversary of its release, SNFU's "FYULABA" LP is getting the vinyl reissue treatment. Originally released on Epitaph Records and out of print on vinyl every since, it features the band's signature melodic, Canadian punk. Original pressings fetch close to $50 on the market. Imported from Spain.

Track Listing:

1. Stepstranger
2. You Make Me Thick
3. Bobbitt
4. Better Than Eddie Vedder
5. Don't Have The Cow
6. Fate
7. Dean Martian
8. Charlie Still Smirks
9. Spaceghost, The Twins & Blip
10. My Pathetic Past
11. Michelle Pfeiffer's Diaper
12. The Kwellada Kid
13. Elfie Schlegel
14. Gaggle Of Friends
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