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Since We Were Kids! "Break From Life"

Drain your pool and drop in with Since We Were Kids!, whose members have been a staple of the High Desert, CA, punk community for a few decades. Since We Were Kids! present their take on classic, '90s, melodic hardcore/punk. Now available on CD with four additional tracks.

Track Listing:

1. One More Last Ride
2. Self Made
3. Keep On Pushing
4. Synthetic Epidemic
5. Sweet Concrete
6. Then We Die
7. Lie Detector
8. Shatter Vs. Crumble
9. Practice What You Preach
10. Not Your Permission
11. Stop Claiming Start Skating
12. Break From Life
13. Since We Were Kids!
14. Skate Stomp (demo) (CD only bonus track)
15. Stop Claiming Start Skating (demo) (CD only bonus track)
16. Self Made (live)/Shatter Vs. Crumble (live) (CD only bonus track)
17. Keep On Pushing (live)/Sweet Concrete (live) (CD only bonus track)